Best Seafood Practices
BSP Certified Producers
BSP Certified Producers
Certified producers are processing plants (both processors and re-processors) or vessels whose BSP certifications are currently valid.
Certified Producers
The following is a list of all BSP-capable processing plants
(both processors and re-processors) and RFVS-certified vessels.
BSP No. Producer Producer Type Accepts Unannounced Audits Enhanced Social Accountability Country Expiration Species
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RFVS-Certified Vessels

BSP No. Vessel Name Classification Country Expires
V10002 Alison YH59 Single Hander UK 29/Nov/2023
V10001 Antarctic Discover Over 30 days Australia 20/Dec/2023
V10007 Antarctic Aurora Over 30 days Australia 25/Feb/2024
V10009 Gadus Over 30 days Faroe Islands 31/Mar/2024
V10003 James Miachael Single Hander UK 29/Nov/2023
V10015 Taits FR 229 24-71 hours Scotland 28/Mar/2024
V10004 Lisa Diane YH9 Single Hander UK 12/Jun/2023
V10016 Lunar Bow PD 265 24-71 hours Scotland 30/Mar/2024
V10005 MFV Indava YH2 Single Hander UK 29/Nov/2023
V10017 Pathways PD 165 24-71 hours USA 15/Sep/2023
V10018 Quantus PD379 72 Hours to 30 Days UK 19/Apr/2024
V10020 Unity 30 Days or More UK 28/Mar/2024

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